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      Urgent Call for Water Quality Experts - - Big $$$ Behind Northeast Maglev’s Lobbying Influence - - Postponed: Jury

      Trial for Maglev-Westport Condemnation Lawsuit - - More TNEM “Blatant Subterfuge” - - MCRT at Community

      Events - - MCRT Speaks to Community Groups - - Baltimore’s Penn Station Gets $6m for Upgrades

       MCRT Goes to Annapolis - - MCRT Sends Letters of Inquiry to the MDE, FRA, and MDOT - - New Leadership in

       Annapolis - - SCMaglev Ridership Numbers Inflated? Yes! - - More TNEM “Blatant Subterfuge” - - Investors, Time to

       Drop Your Support for the SCMaglev? - - In What Universe Does the SCMaglev Make Sense?

       SCMaglev: Where Have We Been and Where are We Headed? - - What’s Happening with the FRA Review? - -

       Ridership Data Update - - MCRT Supports WNA and Westport CEDC - - Konterra and the DEIS - -

       Another TNEM "Blatant Subterfuge" - - MCRT at Greenbelt Labor Day Festival

       Message from the MCRT President, Strategy/Action Meetings, Lawyer from the Chesapeake Legal Alliance to Assist

       MCRT, MCRT Sends FOIA Request to FRA,  Additional Position Papers are complete, Health and Human Impacts -

       Electromagnetic Fields and Human Health, Environmental Justice - EJ Communities are Hammered, Environmental

       Justice  - Impact on EJ Communities - Biden's "Justice40," MCRT's Communication and Outreach, Feature of the

       Month - Prince George's County District 3 Council Member Dannielle Glaros, City of Greenbelt Expert Norman

       Marshall from Smart Mobility Analyzes Released, Redacted DEIS Ridership Studies. (MailChimp Link)

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