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Maryland Coalition for Responsible Transit (MCRT) is a growing coalition of groups opposed to the construction of a Baltimore-Washington Superconducting Magnetic Levitation (SCMagLev) transportation system.  If you are alarmed by SCMagLev's hyped promises, unproven technology, and destruction of our communities and environment, come join us.

MCRT assembled a group of experts that reviewed the SCMagLev Draft Environmental Impact Study (DEIS); preparing and submitting a 495-page response to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) presenting research, identifying inconsistencies and discrepancies in the SCMagLev's DEIS, and presenting why the missing alternative of continuing to enhance Amtrak, MARC and VRE is the far better choice.  MCRT has and continues to meet and brief local, state and federal elected officials, their staffs, community, civic and environmental organizations, and assembles, shares, and collaborates on informing communities and residents on the real costs, disruption, and destruction building and operating the SCMagLev would bring, and how all Maryland will be affected.

MCRT advocates for sustainable, accessible, affordable, and equitable transit solutions that reduce our impact on the environment while addressing our transportation challenges. We are eager to share what we have learned and expand our alliances with neighborhood associations, nature advocacy groups, and other community organizations. MCRT members will receive access to coalition strategy meetings, as well as promotion on MCRT’s Affiliates Page. If you are interested in becoming a coalition member, please click on and fill out MCRT's Affiliate Intake Form.

Come join the growing number of communities, civic and improvement organizations, environmental groups, and resident coalitions who oppose building the SCMagLev.  Add your voice with those opposing building and operating the SCMagLev. 

Citizens Against the SCMagLev

   website: Stop This

   Facebook: Citizens Against the SCMaglev (CATS)


Bladensburg Citizens Against the SCMaglev

Prince George's County Young Democrats


   Facebook: PGC Young Democrats

Peace and Justice Coalition of Prince Georges County

   website: justpeace-pgmd

Safe Skies Maryland


   Facebook: Safe Skies Maryland

Downtown Residents Advocacy Network (Baltimore)

   Facebook: downtownresidentsadvocacy

Beaverdam Creek Watershed Watch Group

Takoma Mobilization Environment Committee


Audubon Society of Central Maryland


Prince George's County NAACP


Linthicum-Shipley Improvement Association


   Facebook: LSIA

Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church

   website: PBUUC

   Facebook: Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church


Greenbelt Climate Action Network

   website: GCAN

National Parks Conservation Association


   Facebook: National Parks Conservation Association

Audubon Maryland-DC


   Facebook: Audubon Mid Atlantic



   Facebook: bikemorebmore

Washington Rowing School


   Facebook: Washington Rowing School

Prince George's County Peace and Justice Coalition


Citizens Against SCMaglev

CATSsign2 (1).jpg
Bladensburg Against the SCMaglev  Logo--

Bladensburg Citizens

Against the SCMaglev

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